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Does not give all icons

I am making a universal app but and I selected universal app but it only gave some appicons.

Doesn’t Respect Aspect Ratio

This app doesn’t respect aspect ratio when choosing a size for an image.

out of date

this app needs to be updated, it's missing required icon sizes.

WoW 😲

This Is Amaaaaaaaaaazing!

Very Outdated

This app is outdated and missing a number of sizes that need to be exported. Was a nice app 2 years ago but will not work for todays icon asset requirements.

Awesome App

This App makes the whole App Icon process 100X faster!!

Needs updating! Missing iMessage Sticker sizes

I was extremely excited to find this app, but it hasn’t been updated since iOS 10 or Mac OS Sierra were introduced. It meets nearly all my needs, except it’s missing some of the new sizes (ex. iMessage Sticker sizes). Once the app is updated and meets all the iOS and MacOS sizes, I’ll update to 5 stars.


Does exactly what I need it to do. I’m a developer not a designer but this performs the required resizing. Excellent app. Worth paying for if the dev ever decides to charge.

Great for older software users...

This App was last updated in 2016, before Mac OS Sierra. It doesn’t support the current required icon sets for iOS developers :-/ I would gladly change this to five stars if we got an update to support current icon sets...


This app is extremely useful. In the absense of Mac app icon resizers this was my last hope and it worked flawlessly.

No updates, very basic

This app does what it says, if you’re still using El Capitan or iOS 9. If you plan on developing for current software, do not buy this app. Developer: Please update for iOS sticker packs (iOS 10) and MAC OS...

Where are the iMessage Sticker Pack Icons?

If you add the Imessage icon sizes as a option on the main menu then you’ll have a winner.

This app rocks

I've tried others, but this is always my goto app for creating iOS artwork in all the right sizes. A huge time saver, with all the important functionality completely free.

Great app - def worth the Pro version - but needs iPhone SE support

Such great value for what it does. A no-brainer for the price. Five stars if it supported SVG import and iPhone SE support

A very useful app

A perfect app to create app store icons. The intrface is simple but not trivial. It took me 20 minutes to figure out how to create a set of icons. Basically all you have to do is to Icons->Action->Import Icons and choose a high quality image. The app will automatically generrate all the needed icons.

Flawless, perfect at what it does.

Prepo is amazing. It's easy. It’s simple. It’s fast. I use it nearly every day to resize images for mobile games and to create all the icons I need in a split second. A tool like this saves so much time, I think it’s essential for any developer. Great job, Prepo. I don’t really have any suggestions because Prepo is just so good at what it does. Thanks!

Excellent Tool!

I use this app all the time to resize icons for mobile apps! Great resource!

Massive Time Saver

This software has saved me a ton of time. My app development time is limited outside of my full time job, so having great tools like this to streamline tedious tasks (like resizing images for different screen sizes) is great. This app is extremely useful, even without upgrading to the pro version. But you should buy the pro version to support the developers. The amount of time I’ve saved is well worth the $6.99 price. Thanks for such a great product!

Makes icon work quick

I love this. I wish it had two thing. First, a way to put in arbitrary sizes, then we wouldn't have to wait for an update for new required icons like the iPad Pro. And second, Apple TV icon support, but that's going to be a while I'm sure.

Saves time, is amazing!

I’ve used this app a lot for developing applications, and it is amazing, and such a time saver! I highly recommend it. The only two things that could be improved are: 1. The window is just a little too tall, it descends down into the dock. 2. Once when I tried to open it, I was told that Prepo was damaged, so I had to reinstall it.

Great app

Great app! one small change - my icons had capitol I as in Icon_xxxx I had to rename them to lower case i as in icon_xxxx before xcode could use them to create the icon resource file.

Nice App, Needs a Quick Update - Watch Icons Cannot have a Tranparency Layer in them!

Killer app and very helpful, however does need an update. Effectively, all “Watch” icons should be generated without the alpha or transparency layer. Otherwise, I’m loving this application.

Great Tool

I love this application, it saves me a lot of time when it comes to resizing App Icons. I wish it had an option for the Apple Watch, that would make it my go to app every time.

Awesome app

Quick and Easy. Love it. Saved me lots of time

Very useful!

This app is extremely useful! Just drag and drop the square image and it immediately gives it to you in every format you could possibly need for app development. It saved me so much time.


I like making apps for iOS and OSX. I never thought to look and see if I could automate the icon generation process. This is simple and to the point. I really want to thank the developer for the sheer amount of time they have saved me.

Very helpful, up to a point

This app will save me a lot of time, but there is one thing that really needs to be added. In the Artwork section, there is no way to create folders or groups of images. My app uses hundreds of small images, and it’s really critical that I’m able to organize them in some way. Being able to add a section in the sidebar seems like the ideal way to do it, but even just a folder inside the Artwork view would be acceptable. Just some way of organizing things when you have so many images. Otherwise, this is a great app!

I wish someone would have told me sooner

I’ve been muddling though the task of manually resizing images since @3x came to town and wishing for something like Resizer. Finally, a quick and easy tool to create my image assets. Thanks for a free version guys!


I needed a utility for this and was about to sit down and write one but found this. Worked fine. I did have the same problem with the choose folder button as the other reviewer, but resizing the window fixed it. It would also be nice if all of the icon filenames matched Xcode 6.3 with the pixel sizes (some have them, some don't). Very helpful! Thanks.

Perfect, but...

I love the app, i use to do all the resizing by hand which was always a pain in the a**. This app is great for any developer who wants to spare all the repeditive resizing. However for me theres a bug the caused it to lose a star, when i try to export images by clicking the choose folder button it doesnt click, so i have to quit the app and open it and it works. Not a big deal to me because it still saves me a ton of time, but it would be nice if it was fixed.

Good for developers

Good app for fast development. Just add picture and set size. :-)


I was initially exporting my icons manually to the different sizes required by Iconset, and thought there must be a better way. There is a better way, and its name is Prepo. Easy to use, just drag-drop and export. Boom. I would like to make a feature request: It would be nice if, for OS X, we could disable the generation of @3x artwork. Overall, really awesome app, works nicely, easy to use, thank you for creating it!

Great app!

Hoping that the devs will add @3x support soon!

Worked perfectly

Did exactly what I needed. Great app!

Retina DPI Issues

Having retina DPI issues producing images on a retina mac, the images are actually 4x the size instead of @2x .etc

Its good, but...

It does what it says, although I wish it would name the icons and artwork accordingly so Xcode automatically selects the correct image.

Saves so much time!

Thanks Mothership for creating an app that saves me hours of time each week!

Essential for Apple Developers

Prepo makes generating the right size icons with the right filenames ridiculously fast and easy. This should be in any Mac or iOS developer’s toolkit.

Great tool

Saves a lot of time. Works great.

Buy it now.

Coudn’t ask for more. Perfect.

Must have for iOS Developers

Perfect. Just how it should be already in Xcode.

Fast and Easy

I needed a fast resizer and this is it. Not sure about the contacts thing that others are talking about. It did not ask for any kind of permissions but it does say that you can share live in the plus version with others. Therefore asking for contacts would seem natural. I asked a question to the company by email and with in the hour I had a reply. Fast!!!



Saves time

Thank you, very valuable!

Helped me a lot of develop my iCON

if you are developer, making apps, you no need to worry about creating different sizes of icons. just upload artwork, this app will make everything for you , GREAT APP ***** Love it

Very useful for developers

I use this app a lot! Just drag and drop, resize and export. Can’t remember what I did before that (open with preview, resize, save as)

Super solid. Super useful.

It does everything it says, elegantly at that. Generated all my AppIcons at the various sizes. Not as useful for making LaunchImages because they almost all have different aspect ratios, but the iPad does still require multiple resolutions so portrait and landscape work fine. Perhaps if it had different crop settings with a center crop being default then it could generate most use cases from a high resolution file...


Review Update: For JPG assets @2x, the Prepo will overwrite the oiginal files, recompressing the images and making them up to 150% bigger. The app needs to not overwrite @2x.JPG assets Old Review: I was not a fan of the new document based workflow in 2.0, but with the addition of the new "QuickDrop" menu it's better than it was before. Version 1.0 had a global floating window with no keyboard shortcut to hide/show it. The quick drop menu does away with the window all together—just drag your files to the icon in the menu bar! This. Is. Awesome. I'll probably never use the document based workflow, but I did upgrade for LivePreview and look forward to using that feature more—maybe after a while a document based workflow will make sense.


Awesome app, great for designers. Makes my job a lot easier! Thank you!

very nice resizing app

Super helpful. Thank you so much for making this. I immediately purchased the upgrade, just to support the developers. One request: support Default.png also! Thanks!

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