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It works!

I recommend this app for iOS Developers. You can create only a single image with 512x512 pixels and this app will do the rest of the work. The interface still needs some improvements, since the windows are not very intuitive and dont remeber your last configuration. But after some small setups, it will deliver you results fast and easy!

Great App

I recomend this app because its really usefull. One thing I suggest it`s to export images in the same folder as the retina ones. Thanks


So, Im a designer and this app is amazing! I think the "live preview" is a wonderful feature for designers and your clients :)


Cant wait for new version with new iOS7 sizes!

Nice Tool!

There are already a lot of Icon / image resizer tools out there, but this one really stands out with its simple and beautiful UI. It gets the job done quickly! Thx @ the developer for making this free!

Not really useful if..

It would bee good if it would accept other input sizes, like 512x512px or just any other. Now it only works correctly if the size is 114x114px.

Perfect to export iOS icons

Prepo is a perfect tool to export iOS icons! Maybe it is worth considering for the developer to add the same functionality for OSX icons. I would love to pay for that!!!


Crashes immediately on Mac OS version 10.11.6

Much better, thanks

Okay, now this version fixes some critical workflow issues. I can say its a usable version. v1 was elegantly simple, but now the utility of prepo v2 is starting to bear fruit.

On El Capitan this kuso App crashed immediately when excuted.


allah razi olsun

may god have mercy on your soul for this great app. :)

Completely helpful!

I just realized that this app saving my time. I actually don’t know what to say. I really did love it.

Looks interesting

But it can only shrink the image 50%, where are all the sizes like on the screenshot?

Many Thanks for this awesome app!

Many thanks for this amazing app! It helps me almost everyday. Just bought an update - prepo plus, because i need to prepare some screens as well as icons and artwork!

iPad Pro icon not supported

Where is 83.5pt iPad Pro icon support?

add iOS 10 Notification icon

Please add automatic generation of iPhone and iPad Notification icon for iOS 10 20*20pt


Highly useful.. I was looking for something like this for a long time!

Update needed

Need update for 3x icons

export from @3x wrong!

EDIT: Fixed! 5 stars!! Giving 1 star for attention, will change it to 5 stars when fixed!! resizing from @3x saves a @2x image in the right size, but the @1x image is wrong. Please fix! If resizing from a @2x image, the @1x image is right!

Can you add iPad Pro?

Very good app, can you add the iPad Pro icon generation? It could be 167x167 pixel. Thanks

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